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A non-profit, crowd funded website, is here to do away with all your woes about legal hassles and exposure to free you to go ahead and expose the illegal things that are happening around you. They can be any political issue, unhealthy or unfair business in your surroundings, scams taking place. You no more have to be worried about the retributions of the actions as keeps your post totally anonymous thus letting the world know about the fraud. The website is dedicated towards making the people more aware about what is going around and hence be careful about such happenings. Webactivism is a free website that runs on donation. The data and web experts who make it possible to have a fully secured place to open up about fraudulent activities going are also volunteers. Some of them have more than two decades of experience. Complaint Remover helps in removing all negative reviews/content about your business eliminated from


How to Go About it?

You have to first submit your request for the elimination/removal of negative content. You then have to chance upon the list of websites that we have. You have to seek out whether we have included the site that you are dealing with in this list. Once this is done, you can then submit your removal request. The order form also has to be submitted likewise and we will then process it speedily.

We will get the negative review/complaint swiftly removed from search engines (Google included) and the site. Once the entire procedure is finished and you have tangible results in front of you, you can easily undertake a verification procedure and payments can be made based on agreed fees and charges. You can get your payments dispatched through bank transfers, credit cards or even PayPal if you wish. You should be very careful while providing necessary information like the website URL where the negative review/complaint has been put up and also your own email address. We will give you a detailed quotation along with all other necessary information within just a few hours.


Why Choose Us?

Complaint Remover will always give you a few distinct advantages above all else. Firstly, there is the lifetime guarantee of peace and security that we offer. If anything happens again down the line, you will get a full payment refund. We seek to offer lifetime and permanent security when it comes to removal of negative content. We do not
artificially please you with SEO tricks or any other artificial implements. There are tangible and real results which are given to you and then only do we accept the money. You can always avail of removal services for more than 50 complaint and review sites which keeps you covered for any future issues.

Submit Removal Request

Check from the section below whether the website you wish to remove from is listed with us. If yes, the click on the button and submit the order form.

We Remove Complaint

Upon order verification, you can relax while we go ahead and process and remove the complaint from website as well as search engines, including Google.

Pay Upon Results

You then verify the results to your satisfaction and only then remit the fee agreed via Paypal, Creditcard or Bank Transfer. Your problems are solved.


    Please check and confirm your email address and the complaint URLs before submitting. Complaint Remover will respond with a quotation and relevant information within few hours.

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